Keep In Mind Massage Therapy Is Not A Substitute For Veterinary Medicine.

Elite, comprehensive, non-invasive musculoskeletal therapies for the Equine Athlete. Release tension, restore movement, repair tissue for the purpose of assisting in injury prevention and improving comfort.  


The Freedom To Move... The Power To Perform!

 Equine Athletic Recovery Therapy

Going Beyond Sports Massage Therapy


What your horse gets in an Equine Recovery Therapy Session!

  • Sports Massage
  • Stress Point Therapy
  • Emphasis on muscle proprioception (using special strokes providing a higher oxygen supply to the muscle).
  • Independent therapy sequence for fascial wellness.
  • Dynamic Movement Sequences release and restore balanced movement.
  • Customized treatment for each individual horse.

What is Alisa's Equine Recovery Therapy?

This type of massage  applied by Alisa Pitt. It incorporates techniques that focus more comprehensively on the musculoskeletal system than Sports Massage Therapy. Alisa uses all stress and origin points from sports massage; however, Alisa places close attention to acupressure points; as well as, an independent focus on Fascial wellness and proprioception. Lastly, Alisa uses her sequences of dynamic movement sequences (DMS) that release tension and change proprioception to improve balanced movement.  Alisa will customize this massage more comprehensively providing enhanced benefits to the muscle and fascial tissues for each individual horse. .

What is Equine Sports Massage Therapy?  It is just one part of A.P Equine Therapy! 

Sports massage therapy focuses on maximizing efficiency of the musculoskeletal system. This therapy focuses on treating the entire body. A muscle is comprised of 3 main parts the origin, the belly and the insertion. Often times the origin has the most stress and the least circulation. Equine sports massage therapy targets the origin and stress points of the major muscles and treats each point and any additional points in the muscle that pose tightness, soreness or stress.  Equine Recovery Therapy wants to move beyond just sports massage and give a comprehensive therapy session taking musculoskeletal bodywork to the next level.

Back Wellness ~ Saddle Fit ~ Saddle Checks

The wellbeing of our horses back is vital to their comfort, willingness and performance. Alisa Pitt is Master Saddler Association Trained saddle fitter offering a variety of fitting services. You can include a saddle check as part of your massage or schedule a separate fitting appointment.  Correlations between proper or improper saddle fit and musculoskeletal wellness are vital. Often times soreness or resistance can be from improper fit and a change in fitting can result in less resistance and reduction of soreness from saddle fit. It is amazing what a minor adjustment can do for the comfort and performance of your horse.

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Alisa  offers a variety of educational and "how to" clinics for equine enthusiasts. Register online to sign up or call to schedule a private clinic at your farm. Learn new ways to become an part of your wellness and performance program for your equine partner. Deepen your awareness, gain trust, bring comfort, and enhance their wellbeing and performance. Call today 717-314-0545 or register on our Clinics Page.   

Prices & Services

Massage and Recovery Therapy 97.00

Horse Show Recovery Therapy Rate 125.00

Recovery Therapy Package Discounts Offered (call to learn more).

Saddle Check 45.00

Saddle Fitting 95.00

Saddle Flocking Adjustment 178.00

Clinics $ Price Varies Per Clinic (call or visit or Clinic page). 


Keep In Mind Massage Therapy Is Not A Substitute For Veterinary Medicine.