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Meet Alisa Pitt-  E.S.M.T

Life long equestrian, professional athlete and equine sports massage and athletic recovery therapist,  Alisa is  committed to improving the well being and performance of equine athletes. For more than a decade Alisa has had a deep passion for equine massage and musculoskeletal therapies. It began with an effort to aid in enhancing the performance of her hunter jumper who would later in life become her dressage schoolmaster. Alisa saw the benefit of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments on significantly improving equine performance. In an effort to maintain the adjustments and enhance suppleness Alisa became fascinated with musculoskeletal therapies

In the early years Alisa competed in hunter jumpers. Through grade school she competed on a Tri-State Equitation Team for 7 years stepping in as Captain the last few years. While competing in hunters Alisa began to ride more and more dressage finding a new passion and foundation for her riding. Continuing to ride dressage through College, Alisa also managed and exercised race horses for 3 years on a farm out side of Towson, MD. Alisa graduated from Towson University with honors with a degree in Health Communication. Shortly after graduating Alisa returned home to PA with a new passion for Thoroughbreds.

"My Motto: Be Bold, Be Free, Be Truthful"

When Alisa returned home to PA she wanted to pursue her passion professionally with equine musculoskeletal therapies; however, life decided to take her on a detour into another Equine Profession.  Alisa found out her saddle fitter was retiring from his long standing position at County Saddlery. She had been a client and customer for over 15 years and Alisa thought she would apply for the position.  Alisa was hired and went to training to become Master Saddler Association Trained Saddle Fitter and Sales Representative for County Saddlery. Saddle fit is another vital part of equine performance and comfort. This knowledge only added to Alisa's understanding and approach to having a comprehensive approach to performance, prevention, and treatment.  Alisa resigned from County Saddlery to pursue her passion for equine massage therapy. Alisa now practices Equine Sports Massage Therapy full time.  

"All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience." ~ Unknown

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In addition to Alisa's Equestrian endeavors, she also has been a Professional Adventure Racer, Won The National Collegiate Adventure Racing Championships, Certified with the International School of Sports Science, and was Director of Junior Athletic and Naturalist Program for American Adventure Sports, LLC. Her other life long passion has been alpine sports. Alisa has been skiing for over 27 years, is a Member of the National Ski Patrol, Outdoor Emergency Care Certified, Certified and an OEC Instructor for National Ski Patrol.  Alisa volunteers on the ski patrol at Liberty Mountain in PA. When spring rolls around Alisa satisfies her passion for steep terrain and deep powder by venturing west with her family which has been a long standing tradition since she was a child.