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Alisa L. Pitt provides elite, comprehensive, non-invasive, musculoskeletal therapies by releasing tension, restoring movement, and repairing soft tissue through sports massage therapy and wellness techniques.


Equine Musculoskeletal & Massage Therapies.

Equine Musculoskeletal and massage therapies significantly benefit the comfort, wellness and performance of your equine athletes. 60% of your horses body weight is skeletal muscle. A well functioning musculoskeletal system directly impacts your horses movement, temperament, and performance. Learn more about what services we offer by visiting our About Equestrian Solutions Page.

Improve performance, posture, flexibility, and restore balance in the horse naturally through massage therapy.

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Learn "How To" Massage Basics for your Horse.  Take an hands on approach in aiding your horse in their comfort, wellness, and performance. Learn basic techniques to help improve circulation, release tension, improve lymphatic drainage, resolve resistance, improve joint mobility, and aid in relaxation and performance.     

Alisa Pitt Founder of ALP Equine & Professional E.S.M.T provides elite care for your equine athletes.


Keep In Mind Massage Therapy is Not A Substitute For Veterinary Medicine.