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About Alisa's Athletic Recovery Therapy

Our Mission: In service to the horse to release, restore, & repair the wellbeing of their mind, body, & spirit through non-invasive musculoskeletal therapies & techniques. Improving their comfort and enhancing their athletic performance.


Athletic Recovery Therapy

Alisa Pitt provides elite, comprehensive, non-invasive massage and wellness therapies. Therapies focus on aiding in restoring and repairing affects of strain and exertion on the musculoskeletal system.  These therapies work in contrast to physical therapy. Not in opposition but in contrast. Massage therapy focuses on targeting developing problems and aiding in prevention and correction of those issues. Physical therapies typically aid in assisting only after an injury has already occurred. In massage therapy,  anything less than maximum efficiency of the musculoskeletal system is considered a problem. Various systematic applications are used to provide restoration and repair muscle tissue in your equine athlete.

60 % of your horses total body weight is skeletal muscle.

Alisa takes a full body approach to bodywork and massage. The entire body is interconnected. Strain in one area of the musculoskeletal system is causing overuse and under-use in other parts of the body. Stress is cumulative in the body, and It is important to treat the whole body to maximize efficiency. Horses are made of 700 skeletal muscles which is 60% of the horses total body weight. Since the late 1980s , equestrians have incorporated this non-invasive therapy into the total health care regimen for their equine athletes.. A muscularly tight and sore horse is living in a constant state of resistance. These tight and sore athletes exert much more energy to overcome the discomfort and resistance while trying to perform than another horse that do not have such sore or tight muscles. Sports massage techniques focus on relieving muscular pain, enhancing performance and aiding in assisting injury prevention.  Alisa Pitt offers a variety of massage and musculoskeletal therapies that significantly aid increasing comfort and performance enhancement of your equine athlete.   Click here to learn more about our Services.

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Keep in Mind Massage Therapy is not a Substitute For Veterinary Medicine.